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Based in Erie, PA & Atlanta, GA. Our clinics specialize in Trendy, Results-driven Beauty & Wellness treatments. 

Bklassy Beauty Bar offers clients a variety of services and products that will help them feel young, energized & look beautiful every day. We put safety first & provide world-class services with licenses & certifications to ensure our clients receive the best care, treatments & trainings.



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Bklassy Beauty Bar has trained hundreds of people globally. We offer training classes for those wanting to expand their business or start a new one. Classes can be done ONLINE via Zoom or directly at our locations. Our classes include full kits, practice materials, training manual, client forms with waiver, machines and so much more!

Committed to beauty and wellness 

At Bklassy Beauty Bar, our goal is to place each client on a healthy lifestyle path by detoxing harmful substances from the body, giving you a fresh start to a new you. We are committed to molding your ideal figure by applying our knowledge and expertise in herbal treatments such a yoni steaming, Foot detoxing, sauna detoxing and non-invasive body sculpting treatments. 

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